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About us 

Brand Profile- AITSAO FAMILY



 AITSAO FAMILY since 1995, from a grandmother wormwood cake business, and insist on promoting Taiwanese local culture industry and agriculture. Last two decades, we take care of health of people and community, and protect environment by create natural and non-toxic products. Thus, AITSAO FAMILY access to consumer support and then to become Taiwan's largest output, and the best quality of Artemisia professional leading brands in the world. 


 Artemisia is the only widely used of all Chinese herbal medicine around the world, it can make products for eat, use in life, and incense…etc. Artemisia is the top grade in the herbs, and low prices, but wide practicality: it can be sterilization purification, so people use it to cure the plague from ancient times.


 Artemisia scientific name is derived from the Greek health god. In Japan, Artemisia is regarded as life extension as treasure. In Europe and the United States, people consider Artemisia is a kind of mystical herb, so not only people widely use in daily life, but also develop the world-famous “ Absinthe”, and now it will actively conduct research related to healthcare.


 AITSAO FAMILY adhere products to make in the best, natural and anti-pollute way, so we pass SGS test every product. In 2007, AITSAO FAMILY won SHENNONG Award which selects some of outstanding achievements in agricultural business by Council of Agriculture, Executive Yan in Taiwan. Also, we not only sell in Taiwan, but also we export overseas.


 AITSAO FAMILY believes that only full with love, sincere and humble attitude to actively promote local cultural and agricultural industry, and then spread it out with love. Also, more and more people consider about LOHAS, how to maintain a harmonious relationship with the land begin a seriously issue now: redefine the values of life and the pursuit of a new balance of nature and the soul. Luckily, AITSAO FAMILY has already do it, that commit development of a return to natural living, care for their health careers, and promote and forward non-toxic, safe and fresh vegetables and natural herbal dietary lifestyle products.


 AITSAO FAMILY management philosophy is “Healthy, Happiness, Love yourself."


 AITSAO FAMILY 4 Serious:     Health      Beauty       Clean     Peace





Founder Profile – LI, CHEN-HUI (Eric Li) 



-Republic of China Military Academy 4th term

National Taiwan University EMBA Degree





-Hwatan Township Special Crops marketing course leader
-Artemisa Farm School Owner
-Cheung Shun complex restaurant, Executive Director
-Ai Fresh-Vegetables-Vegetarian restaurant, executive director of the elements


  • PROMAN Co., Ltd Chairman

Artemisa Farm School 


  • #Winning Honor:

2007 Shennong Award of National TOP 10 Outstanding Farmers
2011 Changhua Top 100 Outstanding Model
2013 National Farmer Model


TOP 10 Outstanding Farmers


#Social Services:

Wandong Community, Hwatan Township -> General Secretary 

4-H Club of Farmers’ Association, Hwatan Township-> Obligations instructor
National Youth Commission, Executive Yuan -> Entrepreneur Consultant
Council of Agriculture, Executive Yan -> Entrepreneurship counselor
The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs -> Honors Instructor
Ministry of Economic Affairs AiTaiwan Healthy Living Industry Cooperation Association -> Chairman

Council of Agriculture New Asia-Pacific Association Agriculture and agricultural biotechnology  Development Council  ->  Director




● Best Souvenir Changhua County award
● Changhua County featured Top 30 Gifts award
● Taiwan Baida Souvenir award
● Changhua County selection Souvenir award
● Taiwan Shennong award








 Our Products


Artemisia healthy tea

Artemisia high fiber


Artemisia vegetarian

meat sauce

Artemisia spicy

vegetarian meat sauce


Artemisia noodles

 Artemisia thin noodles 

Vegetable Stock Powder

Artemisia plum candy 







Artemisia  Soap Artemisia shower gel Artemisia shampoo Artemisia body lotion


Artemisia tarragon

essential oil

Artemisia tarragon blending

essential oil

Artemisia moisturizing mask Artemisia Moisturizing spray








 Artemisia fragrance

body spray

 Artemisia hand wash Artemisia dishes detergent   Artemisia bath tea bag







Artemisia incense coils Artemisia moxa Artemisia incense cones Artemisia moxa stick





















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